Annual Report 2016-17

SUNY and the Entrepreneurial

SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century cultivates entrepreneurial thinking across our entire learning landscape, helping new and existing businesses innovate, prosper, and grow.

By incorporating business development education throughout SUNY Canton’s academic programs, the College is able to help future graduates and alumni prepare for New York’s blooming entrepreneurial environment.

SBDCA class of future entrepreneurs created marketing plans for a Canton-area business. Four teams entered into a competition to help boost business at Gamer Craze, a popular business in the downtown area. Suggestions for free marketing opportunities included integrating video, launching an Instagram account, and an associated Twitter campaign for the store. Professor Charles R. Fenner, Ph.D., said the competition serves as an appliedlearning opportunity of marketing theory.

The Small Business Development Center met with 340 businesses, creating 25 jobs and saving 41 jobs, with an overall economic impact of $8.6 million.

The Canton College Foundation brought the President and CEO of COP Construction back to his alma mater as part of the Excellence in Leadership Lecture Series. Edward Bedell (below), a 1969 alumnus, took the helm of COP Construction after working as the company’s Vice President of Operations.

Other guest speakers during the yearlong series included a supply-chain manager for Ford Motor Company, an executive from Corning Incorporated, and the CEO of Nicholville Telephone Company and SLIC Network Solutions Inc. They all supported the innovative determination that the College emphasizes throughout its curricula.

Ed Bedell

Outdoor enthusiast and entrepreneur Richard S. Patri, a graduate of the Class of 1991 and the Chief Operations Officer of a popular fishing website, also presented some of his strategies for success., which has amassed more than one million Facebook fans and 60,000 Twitter followers, provides the most comprehensive collection of fishing reports in the country.