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St. Lawrence County Matchmaker

Friday, April 28, 2017
Clarkson University, Barben Rooms - Cheel Arena
8:00 am – Noon

As part of this year’s 9th Annual Home, Garden & Business Expo the SUNY Canton Small Business Development Center will be hosting a Buy Local Matchmaker aimed at fostering business to business connections in the home and garden industry. The Buy Local Matchmaker will be held from 8 am to noon on Friday, April 28, 2017 in the Barben Rooms at Clarkson University’s Cheel Arena.

Hosted by:

SUNY Canton Small Business Development Center & St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce



You may be wondering…. what is a Matchmaker?

This is an event where businesses can connect with one another as well as with organizations such as colleges, state and local governments, and large regional institutions to identify opportunities for contracting, cooperative partnerships and referrals.

Matchmaking is like 'Speed-dating'. Participants will sign up for 10 minute meetings with the contacts of their choice and have that short time to network and share marketing materials. When the bell rings, participants move to the next table.

The day will look something like this:

8:00 am: Check-in and Scheduling for Pre-Registered Business Participants
8:20 am: Registration and Scheduling for Walk-in Business Participants
8:45 am: Welcome & Introductions
9:00 am: Matchmaking Begins
12:00 pm: Matchmaking Ends

Current List of Agencies and Primes:

  • New York Power Authority
  • Fort Drum Onward to Opportunity (O2O)
  • St. Lawrence County
  • St. Lawrence NYSARC
  • Kinney Drugs

Products/Services Sought by Purchasers:

There are Two Ways to Participate….

As a Prime Agency / Contractor / Purchasing Officer
If you are seeking small and medium sized companies to subcontract for you or to provide you with goods and services, you will be assigned a table where you will be able to speak with small businesses that have signed up to network with you.  You will be able to discuss any opportunities that exist for them with your company or agency. Cost to attend is FREE.

As a Business Participant
If you are looking for opportunities to subcontract with larger companies in your field or if you are hoping to provide goods and services to one of the agencies or organizations represented at the event, you will be given a list of the purchasing agents present and on the morning of the event you will sign up for 10-minute meetings with the agents of your choice. You will be able to discuss the products/services you offer and any key selling points you wish to highlight. Cost to attend is $10.

Home, Garden & Business Expo - http://business.northcountryguide.com/events/details/home-garden-and-business-expo-2017-879

To Register:

  • Business Participant Registration $10: PRINT FORM
  • Prime Agencies and Government Agencies (FREE): PRINT FORM

    Please print registration form and mail, with payment and business card to:

SUNY Canton Small Business Development Center
Wicks Hall 023
34 Cornell Dr.
Canton, NY 13617

Questions - Contact:

SUNY Canton Small Business Development Center

Dale Rice, Director
French Hall 201
Canton, NY 13617

Phone: 315-386-7312
FAX: 315-379-3814