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The faculty teaching the dental hygiene courses, clinics and labs were selected because of their high ethical standards, past and current experiences in clinical practice, background in educational theory and the content area they are teaching. Each faculty member has unique skills and many years of practical experience in the field.

SUNY Canton's low faculty/student ratio in the clinical and lab setting are designed to provide students with as much individualized instruction and feedback as possible. Clinical instructors rotate through the clinic so each instructor has the opportunity to work with all students.

Program Director:
Mrs. Pamela P. Quinn, RDH, BS, MS Ed quinnp@canton.edu

Full-time Faculty:
Mrs. Denise Heater, RDH, BS, MS heaterd@canton.edu
Ms. Dawn Fremont, RDH, BS, MS fremontd@canton.edu

Adjunct Instructors:
Mrs. Lindsay Argyle, RDH, BS
Mrs Lucy Averill, RDH, BS, MA
Mrs. Margaret Bateman, RDH, BS
Ms. Lynda Crowley, RDH, BS
Ms. Kandice Kendall, RDH, B Tech in DH
Mrs. Paula Maggio, RDH, BS
Mrs. Denise Pedercini, BS, MS
Mrs. Kasey Penoyer, RDH, B Tech in DH, MS
Ms. Doris Stockton, RDH
Mrs. Tara Wood, RDH, B Tech in DH


Dental Hygiene
Program Director
Pamela Quinn