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Dental Hygiene Select

** We are no longer accepting students into this program as of August 1, 2017.**

Dental Hygiene Select is an innovative program that fosters student success and facilitates admission into the College’s Dental Hygiene associate degree program and continuation into the professional-level bachelor’s degree program.

Student demonstrating a cleaning

Admission to dental hygiene programs is selective and the majority of students admitted to dental hygiene enter with at least one year of college. By entering the Dental Hygiene Select program, students are guaranteed admission into the two- and four-year programs (for students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher). The program starts with the first year at SUNY Canton’s main campus for students with little or no college experience.

The program is designed for high school seniors who meet the minimum entrance criteria to the associate degree program in dental hygiene, including:

  • A minimum high school GPA of 80 percent.
  • High school biology with a regents score of at least 75.
  • High school chemistry with a regents score of at least 75.

Students in the Dental Hygiene Select program will:

  • Be part of a small group engaged in authentic learning experiences in a nurturing environment.
  • Participate in job shadowing and be introduced to basic dental hygiene procedures.
  • Complete basic science and liberal arts courses.
  • Complete course work in infection control and medical emergencies in the dental office.

Student examining X-Rays

The Dental Hygiene associate degree program at SUNY Canton has an unsurpassed record of excellence, including:

  • A 100% pass rate on the dental hygiene national board examination.
  • A 97% pass rate on the dental hygiene regional clinical examination.
  • A 100% placement rate.
  • Three prestigious National Community Dentistry awards.

The Dental Hygiene bachelor’s degree is designed for working dental hygienists who wish to pursue an advanced degree. The program is offered entirely online for convenience and flexibility. Students who enroll full time can earn the degree in as little as one year.

Apply online: admissions@canton.edu


Year 1 - Dental Hygiene Select*

Semester I Credits

DHYG 155 Infection Control 1
DHYG 100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene 1
BIOL 217 Anatomy & Physiology I (GER 2) 4
ENGL 102 Oral & Written Expression (GER 10) 3
FYEP 101 First Year Experience 1
MATH 111 Survey of Mathematics (GER 1) 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (GER 3) 3

Semester II Credits

DHYG 256 Medical Emergencies 1
ANTH 102 Intro to Cultural Anthropology (GER) 3
BIOL 209 Microbiology (GER) 4
BIOL 218 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
HLTH 175 Nutrition 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology 3

*Health certificate awarded upon successful completion of the one year Select program

Year 2 - A.A.S. Dental Hygiene**

Semester III Credits

DHYG 140/141 Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene 4
DHYG 142 Prep for the Appointment 1
DHYG 145 Dental Radiology 3
DHYG 156 Oral Anatomy 2
DHYG 161 Histology & Embryology 1
EDUC 210 Principles of Education 3
MATH 141 Statistics (GER) 3

Semester IV Credits

DHYG 147 Head & Neck Anatomy 2
DHYG 150/151 Clinical Dental Hygiene I /Lab 5
DHYG 159 Dental Heath Ed 2
DHYG 160 Dental Pathology 2
DHYG 190 Radiographic Interpretation 2
DHYG 340 Management Communications 3
Year 3 - A.A.S. Dental Hygiene**

Semester V Credits

DHYG 215 Pain Management 1
DHYG 220 Periodontology 2
DHYG 221 Dental Pharmacology 2
DHYG 240/241 Dental Materials & Lab 3
DHYG 250/251 Clinical Dental Hygiene II & Lab 5
HSMB 304 US Health Care Systems 3
UL Upper Level Liberal Arts 3

Semester VI Credits

DHYG 260 Community Dental Health 2
DHYG 271 Clinical Dental Hygiene III 4
DHYG 280 Ethics & Jurisprudence 1
DHYG 285 Sophomore Seminar 1
DHYG 290 Special Needs 1
EDUC 300 Pedagogy & Technology of Online Learning 3
HSMB 302 Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Care 3
UL Upper Level Liberal Arts 3

**A.A.S. awarded upon successful completion of the two year associate degree program

Year 4 - Baccalaureate Degree Completion***

Semester VII Credits

DHYG 330 Grant Writing Strategies 2
DHYG 350 Current Issues in Periodontics 3
DHYG 360 Dental Hygiene Teaching Methods 4
DHYG 370 Research Methods 3
DHYG 385 Orientation to Internship 1
ENGL 301 Professional Writing & Communication 3
  Foreign Language or ASL 3

Semester VIII Credits

DHYG 310 Continuing Issues in Dental Hygiene 3
DHYG 390 Dental Hygiene Internship 6
HSMB 410 Senior Seminar 3
UL Upper Level Liberal Arts 3


*** Bachelor of Technology degree awarded following successful completion of the final year of study which may be completed 100% online on a full-time or part-time basis.

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