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Dental Hygiene - Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply scientific research methods to support evidence based decision making.
  2. Competently assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual and/or community needs related to oral disease prevention and therapy in an ever-changing healthcare environment.
  3. Communicate effectively using verbal, nonverbal written and electronic communication skills.
  4. Analyze published reports of oral health research and apply this information to the practice of dental hygiene.
  5. Apply principles of education in the development and delivery of a dental hygiene unit of instruction.
  6. Assume the roles of the professional dental hygienist (clinician, educator, researcher, change agent, consumer advocate, administrator) as defined by the ADHA.
  7. Exhibit critical thinking skills utilizing self assessment tasks for professional growth and development leading to life-long learning.

Susan Willette, R.D.H., Ed. D.
Program Director
Cook Hall