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Health Science Career Studies Certificate

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce coherent texts within common college-level written forms, and demonstrate the ability to revise and improve such texts.
  2. Discuss the conventions and methods of at least one of the humanities.
  3. Describe the methods social scientists use to explore social phenomena, and discuss the concepts, models and issues of at least one discipline in the social sciences.
  4. Describe the methods scientists use to explore natural phenomena, including observation, hypothesis development, measurement and data collection, experimentation, evaluation of evidence, and employment of mathematical analysis; apply scientific data, concepts, and models in one of the natural sciences.
  5. Interpret and draw inferences from mathematical models such as formulas, graphs, tables and schematics; employ quantitative methods such as, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, or statistics to solve problems.
  6. Develop skills and a depth of learning in a technical area of the student's choice that
    prepares them for entry to an allied health degree program.