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Practical Nursing - Student Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Practical Nursing Certificate program will be able to:

  1. Student will demonstrate appropriate care to clients with stable and predictable conditions.
  2. Student will understand client disorders and nursing care utilizing current evidence based practice.
  3. Student will demonstrate developmentally appropriate, respectful and effective therapeutic communication skills.
  4. Student will identify clinical scenarios and situations that fall outside of the PN scope of practice.
  5. Student will demonstrate, proper technique with nursing skills, use of client care equipment and technology in a cost effective manner.
  6. Student will comprehend client environmental factors, family support, and resources that may affect a client’s health status.
  7. Student will demonstrate accountability for legal, ethical, and regulatory parameters within the scope of practice of the practical nurse.
  8. Student will operate effectively within multidisciplinary teams, fostering open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision-making to provide comprehensive client centered care.
  9. Student will collect data and health histories for individuals using standardized tools in an organized pattern, thereby contributing to nursing care plan.
  10. Student will demonstrate caring behaviors toward clients and his/her significant others, thereby assisting coping with stressful events and changes in health status.
  11. Student will implement standardized teaching tools to promote and maintain health and to reduce risks for clients experiencing common altered health states in the hospital and extended care facilities.
  12. Student will observe, reflect, and participate in self-performance and peer-to-peer teaching.    



Christine Thompson MSN, RN
PN Curriculum Coordinator
SUNY Canton
Cook Hall 202