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Upstate Medical University Early Admissions Program

Upstate Medical University Early Admissions Program is an early admission program for high school seniors who excel in math and science and are committed to careers in the health professions. Students take the prerequisite courses (minimum 60 semester hours) at SUNY Canton and then complete their junior and senior years of the bachelor’s degree at Upstate. Students accepted into the program are guaranteed admission into the upper division bachelor's degree program at SUNY Upstate Medical University at Syracuse after attending their first two years at SUNY Canton and completing all admission requirements.

The Upstate Medical University 2+2 Early Admissions programs are:

  • Medical Biotechnology, BS
  • Medical Imaging Sciences/X-ray, BS
  • Medical Imaging Sciences/Ultrasound, BS or BPS
  • Medical Technology, BS
  • Respiratory Therapy, BS
  • Radiation Therapy, BS or BPS

Interested Students need to apply to both SUNY Upstate and the Liberal Arts and Sciences: General Studies (Curriculum 0250) program at SUNY Canton. Call the Office of Admissions 315-386-7123/800-388-7123 for further details.


  • All science courses must include laboratories.
  • Upstate Medical University 2+2 Early Admissions Program students are required to complete the Associate Degree and all requirements outlined in the Program acceptance letter from SUNY Upstate.
  • Accepted students are expected to “continue their involvement in the healthprofession through volunteer, observational or research experience."