The mission and purpose of this organization is to unite individuals throughout the community, and minister to them in song and in praise dancing. Our goal is to have an everlasting change that will have a positive impact on our community, and throughout the campus. We, The Anointed Voices, will promote the ideals of unity, sharing and caring, being involved, and last but not least servicing others. The Anointed Voices support the principles of: excellence, learning, leadership, and lending a helping hand.


The Anointed Voices

The Anointed Voices of SUNY Canton are not only a gospel group, but also an on-campus Gospel Ministry. What sets us apart from every other club is that we demonstrate leadership, in our fundraisers and outstanding community services, while also providing healing in song, through the message in our music. We enjoy fellowship with the other churches in the community. As well as, singing songs of worship on Sunday’s (as part of our Sunday Worship Service, which was just started last Fall 2007 on Campus). The Anointed Voices are proud of being SUNY Canton’s shining light, and will continue to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.


Mission Statement



"I can do all the things through Christ who strengthens me"

(Philippians 4:13)