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Eco-Reps Program at SUNY Canton


The Office of Sustainability is partnering with Residence Life to incorporate sustainability education and action into the residence halls on SUNY Canton’s campus. The Eco-Representative (Eco-Rep) program fosters environmental responsibility by training student leaders to incorporate sustainable practices into the campus culture and built environment.  The Eco-Rep program gives students the opportunity to make a positive difference where they live and learn.


The Eco-Reps are a group of residential students who help to raise awareness about ecological issues, encourage environmentally responsible behavior among their peers, and plan related events and activities both in the residence halls and at various campus events. Eco-Reps must attend a training day as well as weekly meetings. At the meetings students will brainstorm new topics, activities, and project ideas to carry out in the residence halls over the following weeks.

This position will be a commitment of about 2-4 hours a week, in addition to a mandatory weekly meeting. Besides the meetings, much of your work will be done independently, on your own schedule. You will participate in small groups to work on specific projects. Position responsibilities begin on the first day of classes and conclude during finals week. You will be expected to work 2 hours during the two weeks of finals period.

What We Do

  1. Create behavior change campaigns.
  2. Conduct audits of the trash and recycling bins in buildings.
  3. Develop messages and engage with students on sustainability issues.
  4. Conduct energy audits of light bulbs and appliances in residence halls.
  5. Write articles about eco-topics for the Canton’s website.
  6. Set up and maintain eco-bulletin boards in residence halls.
  7. Attend weekly meetings to plan activities and provide feedback to the Sustainability Coordinator.
  8. Set up and staff environmental information booths and exhibits at campus events.

Topics We Address

  1. Zero-sort Recycling & Solid Waste
  2. Reuse Strategies
  3. Energy Conservation
  4. Local Food
  5. Water Conservation

Any residential student is eligible to apply.

» Eco-Rep Online Application


Learn and Live Green with our Eco-Leaders

The Sustainability Office and Residential Life Office are partnering to implement the Eco-Leader program in the residence halls. The Eco-Leader program is a peer-to-peer education program that trains student leaders to raise awareness about ecological issues, encourage environmentally and socially responsible behavior among their peers, and plan related events and activities in the residence halls. This program gives students experiential learning opportunities, empowering them to make a positive difference where they live and learn.

Events are held in each residence hall and focus on Zero-Sort recycling, resource reduction, reuse, energy conservation, sustainable food and eco-friendly practices for living sustainably. The program events and activities are a way to engage students in supporting our progress toward achieving the campus’s sustainability goals.

From Farm to Table

From Left to Right: Tiye Gallimore, Jessica Fischer, Courtney Cotter, Odiri Igbayo, Kayla Goldman (missing from photo).

Event Themes and Activities

Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

The Sustainability Scavenger Hunt event is designed to educate students on the environmental, social and economic impacts of resource consumption and solid waste generation. Sustainable practices and solutions to minimizing waste are promoted to encourage students to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors that reduce the college’s ecological footprint.

The sustainability scavenger hunt engages students in an interactive search for everyday materials around the hall that lead to a friendly race to determine the end use of the various products. Best practices and other important information is shared such as, the process of Zero-Sort recycling, the Campus Move-Out program and how to recycle electronics, batteries and light bulbs.

Scavenger Hunt

Energy Toss and Trivia

The Energy Trivia activity is designed to raise awareness of energy consumption and the ways to conserve energy here on campus and at home. Throughout the past few semesters, the ECO Leaders have held this event several times in all residence halls with great success. Students formed teams to compete in a friendly game of beanbag toss that included trivia questions related to energy consumption and ways of reducing ones carbon footprint. At the end of each event students signed a pledge to commit to adopting sustainable behaviors that reduce the consumption of resources and contribute to the health of people and the planet.


Food for Thought

The Food For Thought program focuses on the human health and environmental benefits of consuming locally sourced, organically grown and/or sustainably raised food. The Eco-Leaders show a short film on sustainable agriculture, and offer students to taste and compare local and organic fruits and vegetables with conventionally grown ones. A discussion follows these activities that addresses a range of food issues and ways to promote healthy and locally produced foods on campus and in our community.


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