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Terracycle - Habitat for Humanity Recycling Fundraiser Project

SUNY Canton Habitat for Humanity (HFH) will be continuing its recycling efforts in the coming academic year. White cardboard containers will be placed in all buildings and dormitories before the Fall Semester. The containers are for all aluminum, plastic and glass returnable bottles/cans. The student members will empty these containers every two weeks. In addition, we will be doing a can/bottle drive in the dorms twice a month throughout the academic year.  All proceeds will go towards the Canton Habitat for Humanity build that will begin in early Fall.

In addition to returnable bottles and cans, Canton HFH will be collecting Dannon and Stonyfield 6 and 32 ounce yogurt containers as well as KASHI products packing including the inside wrappers and assist SUNY Canton Habitat for Humanity in increasing our donation towards the Canton house.

The yogurt containers and Kashi packaging are turned into usable products such as pots for plants at nurseries and tote bags. The program is through terracycle.net. Please contact JoAnne Fassinger at x7951 or fassingerj@canton.edu and these will be picked up.

This program is a step to begin to doing our part to make the world more sustainable and to help combat global warming. Every day in America, 100 million cans alone that could be recycled are sent to a landfill, wasting valuable resources, and costing taxpayers more money.