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Where can I log in/out?

You can log in on any of the computer kiosks located in each of the tutoring labs.  You must log in and out on the same computer. Log in privileges are only available during the hours that the labs are open, so be sure you check the schedule for the specific lab you are using. If you need further assistance, please ask a staff member to help you.

I need to log in but I forgot my ID card.  What do I do?

You can enter your student ID number manually.  If you do not know your student ID number, you can enter your social security number.

I am logging into a Lab for my weekly hours.  Do I have to stay in the Tutoring Center?

No, you can log in and go to another area of the building to study.  You must stay in the building or you will be logged out.  You must come back and log out before the Lab closes or you will only get 15 minutes credit for your time.

How do I log in/out?

Locate a log-in computer kiosk in the Tutoring Center that is turned on.  Swipe the barcode on the back of your student ID card.  If you do not have your card, you can enter the number manually or enter your social security number.  Select the course for which you are here, from the drop down menu.  Click to continue.  To log out, swipe your card again.

How do I check my weekly hours?

Your weekly hours will pop up automatically when you log out.

How can I get tutoring in a course not listed on the schedule?

Refer to our schedule or the glass case to the left of the door of the Math/Science Center entrance, where you will find a listing of the courses offered in the Tutoring Center along with days and times.

How can I get a 1:1 tutor?

If you are a student participating in the EOP program, CSTEP program, a person who receives Veteran benefits, or a student who receives ACCESS VR, then you need to meet with your counselor from that office to discuss what 1:1 tutoring options are available for you.

Where can I find the yellow conversion cards for science?

They are located in the Math/Science Center.  Please see a staff member for assistance.

How can I get help with study skills?

Tutors are here to assist with general study skills as well as specific course work. Please visit the Tutoring Center to request assistance. You can also learn specific study skills by attending Smart Steps workshops, which are designed to teach students skills to help them succeed academically. These workshops are free and open to all SUNY Canton students. You do not need to sign up--just show up! Please see the Smart Steps schedule for information about workshop topics, dates, and times.

What do I need to do to sign up to be a tutor?

You need to complete a Tutor Application. Please print, complete it and bring all of the required information to the Tutoring Center. Basic requirements include a cumulative GPA of 2.5 of higher with a grade of a 3.0 or better in each course that you would like to tutor.

Can I borrow a book from one of the Labs?

All borrowed resources must be used in the Lab from which it was borrowed.

When does the ___________ Lab open/close?

Please refer to the glass case to the left of the entrance of the Math/Science Center for the schedule. You can also find the Lab schedules here.

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