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Math/Science Tutoring & Learning Center

Tutoring Schedules and Locations


The Math/Science Tutoring & Learning Center provides individual and group tutoring and academic support services to all students enrolled in math, science, and applied science courses offered by the College.  We also offer tips for study skills and test-taking strategies. Because learning doesn't end at graduation, our goal is to facilitate the development of study skills enabling students to become independent and life long learners.

Subjects Tutored

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Math, Physical Therapy, Physics, and Veterinary Science.

Learning Resources

Tutors are just one of the many resources the Center has to offer. We welcome students to use our space to complete assignments, conduct group study sessions and meet with their professor(s) in a resource rich environment that offers:

  • Anatomical Models
  • Microscopes and Slides
  • Dissected Specimens
  • Practice Practicums
  • Computer Software
  • Computers, scanners, printer & WiFi
  • Practice Sheets, Work Sheets & Handouts
  • Textbook Collection
  • Calculators (Scientific & Graphing)

What to Expect From Your Visit

We want to make sure you get the  most out of each visit to the Center. When you come, please bring your class notes and assignment(s) that you would like assistance with. No appointments are required and students are helped on a first come, first serve basis. Please ensure that you plan ahead so that you can get as much help as you needr. When you come in, be sure to log in and let us know you are here. If you are there to use the space and other resources, please let us know if you need help locating anything.

Our services are FREE to all SUNY Canton students.

Connect with Us

Location: Southworth Library Learning Commons Room 127. Walk-ins welcome, appointments not required.

Email: mathsciencetutor@canton.edu. Correspondance for general assistance and questions is available during open hours.

Phone: 315-386-7065.

Online Students: If you are taking an online course and are not able to visit our physical location, we are still dedicated to providing you with support. Contact us via phone or email and request an on-line tutoring session.

Just for Fun!

EyeWire: Eyewire is a game that turns you into a researcher, who helps map the human brain (REALLY!!). Researchers at MIT designed the game to get a map of the brain completed faster. Faster, because it recruits and teaches you, me, and countless other people from around the globe how to map neurons (more researchers = faster mapping). Works best with Firefox or Chrome browsers.

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