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What You Can Do

While the SUNY Canton campus is not believed to be at high risk for acts of terrorism, the university community may be affected by acts of terrorism elsewhere, a national emergency, or even some terrorist-type behavior on campus. By their very nature, acts of terrorism and national emergencies occur with little or no warning. University police has prepared the following suggestions for personal preparations and actions should such situations occur:

  • Continue normal activities but be aware of your surroundings and belongings. Do not leave belongings unattended. Exercise caution when traveling.
  • Be alert to suspicious activity and objects. Report suspicious activity and objects to the local law enforcement agency. On campus, contact the University Police (386-7777) or 911.
  • Develop an emergency communications and disaster plan to reach family. Share your plan with roommates and/or close friends. It may be easier to make a long-distance phone call than to call across town, so an out-of-state contact may be in a better position to communicate among separated family members.
  • Carry emergency contact information in your wallet or purse. Include your name, address and phone number (local and permanent) and contact information for parents or next of kin (names, addresses, phone numbers).
  • Create an emergency contact list of family members and keep it in a readily accessible location. The list should contain telephone numbers (home, office and cell phones), e-mail addresses and pager numbers.
  • Be prepared for a disruption of services - electricity, heat, telephone, water, internet access, dining operations, gasoline pumps, etc.
  • In case of a terrorist event in the immediate area, be prepared to follow official instructions.