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Calorie Counting, Activity Increasing, and Motivational Apps

The preferred food log site of the dietician is www.everydayhealth.com  you do have to register with this website but it is free. If it is easier to do it on line there are numerous choices. Find one you like.Apps

DailyBurn—FREE (iPhone)
  • This  app includes the following features:
  • Access to a food database listing over 350,000 foods with their nutrition information
  • Tracks all nutritional information for the foods you have eaten
  • Allows you to set goals based on your age, weight, and fitness levels
  • Build customized workout routines, or find a preloaded plan based on your goals
  • Instructions on how to perform your chosen exercises with the correct technique
  • Customized check ins to remind yourself to workout, log, or weigh in
MyFitnessPal –FREE (Android and iPhone)

Although recent implementation of having mandatory social networking have driven this app rating down, it still has many commendable features such as:

  • Access to a food database that lists over 600,000 foods and the ability to track major nutritional information
  • A built in recipe calculator to add in your own recipes
  • Tracks both cardio and strength training progress (including sets, reps and weight used)
  • Customizable goals and the ability to track your progressive weight and measurements
Calorie Counter by FatSecret—FREE (Android and iPhone)

Combines a simple to read interface with features that are easy to use and functions well:

  • Bar code scanner and quick pick food list for nutritional information
  • Food and exercise diary to track what you are eating and how many calories you burn per day
  • A journal to track your progress
Lose it!—FREE (Android and iPhone)
  • Lose It! allows you to set a weight loss goal and timeline, and then calculates how many calories you should consume and how many you actually take in. The searchable database includes general foods, brand name grocery store goods, and menu items from popular chain restaurants.
  • Nutritionist says: This app addresses the behavioral aspects of nutrition by helping you set a daily calorie goal and keeping you on track. As you enter what you eat, it’ll remind you how many calories you have left in your budget. So it helps you stick to your plan.
  • Tech perspective: Well designed and easy to use, this app offers good visual appearance, usability, and information. You can quickly track meals and exercises, and you can even sync your iPhone with your computer for access to additional features on the LoseIt! web site.
Slim Down Shopping List—FREE (iPhone)
  • The editors of Women’s Health combed grocery store aisles for 250 of the healthiest shelf finds. This app allows you to search their picks for everything from cereal to snacks. You’ll also get the nutrition info (calories, fiber, sodium) for each item.
  • Nutritionist says: The idea to focus on the best packaged/processed foods is certainly helpful when navigating the inside aisles at the grocery store. But stick mostly to the perimeter of grocery stores to fill your shopping cart with clean, natural foods.
  • Tech perspective: The interface isn’t familiar so it may take time to get adjusted to the layout and function. Also, if you find the food that you’re looking for and want to go to the link, you can’t
Walk n plan—FREE (iPhone)
  • Tracks distance like a pedometer, but you do not have to wear anything; simply carry your phone as you always would
  • Compete with others
Sparkpeople—FREE (Android and iPhone)
  • Holistic approach
  • Includes activity, diet, and social networking along with motivation and goals
  • Work out videos
  • Weight loss plans
  • Lifestyle oriented

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