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Tobacco-Free Talking Points

SUNY Canton will emphasize voluntary compliance. We want everyone on campus to feel empowered to politely approach the person that is smoking or using tobacco and educate them on our Tobacco policy.

If you approach someone who is smoking or using tobacco in a tobacco free area:

Please be friendly, positive and respectful.

Do not be confrontational. Let the individual know that information about the tobacco free policy is available on the college website including designated smoking areas.

What do I say when I approach someone using tobacco?

“Hi, I noticed you were smoking. I thought you might not have heard that SUNY Canton’s tobacco policy has changed. Tobacco use is only permitted in Residence Hall gazebos. If you’d like to smoke, please put out your cigarette and move to one of the designated areas. A list of designated areas is available on the SUNY Canton website. Thank you (Walk away).”

Tobacco policy reminder cards are available from the Health Educator/Wellness Coordinator, Farren Lobdell (Campus Center 222) and from the Davis Health Center (Campus Center 004). We ask that faculty, staff and students distribute these cards to those using tobacco on campus as a friendly reminder of the tobacco policy.

If you feel uncomfortable approaching individuals using tobacco and notice a location where the tobacco policy is routinely being violated, please complete a Tobacco Referral Form.

Farren C. Lobdell, NCC
Director of Wellness Promotions
MCC 134
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 386-7958