S.U.N.Y. Canton



Sensei: Professor David Guccione 4th Dan

Sempai Lisa Caswell 4th Dan

Sempai Jovan Germano 3rd Dan

Sempai Randy Gladding 1st Dan

Sempai Bruce Kenna 1st Dan

Karate Club Officers

President: Anthony Welch

Vice President:


The Zen-do Kai has its origins in Okinawan and Japanese styles of martial arts.  While we practice many of the traditional aspects of Shotokan karate in basic movements and kata, our art reaches its pinnacle in self-defense where we incorporate the joint locks of Jiujitsu, the sweeps and throws of aikido and judo and the toughness and power of Japanese and Okinawan karate.  Our art is open to anyone who has the desire to learn.  You need not be "in shape" to start but you will be when you finish.


Shotokan came to Japan with Master Gichin Funakoshi from Okinawa in the early 1900s and later to America.




Ms. Caswell, & Mr Guccione with Fumio Demura

Sensei Guccione is a 4th degree black belt and has been with ZDK since 1983. He has taken 3rd place in sparring and 4th place in kata in the AAU National Karate Championships and won numerous other competitions.  He has instructed self-defense against the blade at Super Summers Seminars at Colgate University.   As a police officer for years and a veteran military officer, he has a wide range of experience in self-defense and protection. He is a Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice at SUNY Canton, founder of the SUNY Canton Police Academy, Co-originator of the Criminal Investigations Program at SUNY Canton, and a trainer for security officers.

Sempei Caswell is a 4th degree black belt with 20 years of martial arts training. She has won numerous awards for kata and sparring.



Master Campos & attacker

Zen Do Kai karate was founded in 1974 by Master Michael J. Campos of Johnstown New York. Master Campos is a 9th degree black belt who has studied martial arts since 1959. ZDK is primarily a Japanese Shotokan style karate, characterized by long, wide stances and linear techniques. Self-defense techniques incorporate elements of karate, judo, jujitsu, and kempo, with a focus on "street effective" methods.




Zen-Do Kai Martial Arts Association


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