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2012 Accreditation

The College’s last decennial reaccreditation process began in 2011 with the creation of a Middle States Steering Committee to guide the campus’s Self-Study and subsequent reporting to MSCHE. With the guidance of the Steering Committee and the efforts of multiple campus work groups, the research phase of the Self-Study was completed in January 2012. The Self-Study that resulted from the process reflected the work and input from a large number of campus stakeholders. A copy is available below. After collecting input from the larger campus community in Fall 2012, the Steering Committee continued to refine the Self-Study and further organize the supporting

documentation in preparation for the MSCHE evaluation team visit in Spring 2013. The evaluation team visited the campus in March 2013 and issued their final report in April 2013 recommending reaccreditation along with a series of findings, recommendations, and commendations. A copy of this report is available below.

Since that time the College has submitted a Progress Report in 2015 and a Monitoring Report in 2016. Copies of these reports are also available below as well as a link to Middle States website showing the College's current accreditation status.

Important Documents