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You are considered a Transfer Student if you were enrolled in a degree program at another college since attending SUNY Canton.

You Must Reapply for admission by completing a new application and supplying updated transcripts. By completing this form, you are telling us that you have NOT attended another college after SUNY Canton. If it is determined that you have attended another college after SUNY Canton, your admission to SUNY Canton may be rescinded.


Small logo Students who previously accrued a SUNY Canton academic record with a substantial number of grades below the 2.0 level of C, and who have not have taken any coursework at SUNY Canton for a minimum of two calendar years, could be eligible for ACADEMIC FORGIVENESS.

If you would like to apply for ACADEMIC FORGIVENESS you must complete the contract in full and submit it when you apply for readmission. Incomplete contracts will not be accepted. By initialing below you understand that the ACADEMIC FORGIVENESS contract must be submitted within 24 hours of your readmit request. You may complete both electronically at this time or print out the application and mail it to us.

**I meet the qualifications for ACADEMIC FORGIVENESS and I will submit the contract at the same time I submit my readmission form.

You will be directed to the ACADEMIC FORGIVENESS form once you have clicked on the submit button below.

Thank you.