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Non-Academic Assessment Committee

The Non-Academic Assessment Committee is charged with the review of the annual goals, objectives, outcomes of non-academic administrative units, and the non-academic portions of the Student Opinion and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Surveys. The Non-Academic Assessment Committee submits an executive summary of its activities to the Council on University Strategic Planning (CUSP) each year.

» Meeting Minutes 2009-2015

This committee consists of professional staff across the campus community:

  • Chair: Molly Mott, Dean of Academic Support Services and Instructional Technologies
  • Co-chair: Shawn Miller, Administrative Services
  • Jennifer Waite, Assistant Professor
  • Melissa Evans, Admissions
  • Keith Rosser, Advancement
  • JoAnne Fassinger, Grants
  • John Kennedy, Student Affairs
  • Patricia Todd, Student Affairs
  • Sue Law, Auxiliary Services
  • Johanna Lee, Academic Support Services
  • Mike McCormick, Physical Plant
  • Pat Hanss, Facilities
  • Terry Waldruff, Administrative Services
  • Sarah Todd, Director of Institutional Research (standing member)

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Building a Culture of Assessment

Communication and Planning

Evidence of Closing the Loop