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Co-Curricular Transcript and Badging

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Co-Curricular Transcript

The co-curricular transcript provides the opportunity for students to capture their achievements and service outside of the classroom. Students will be able to check in to educational events, log community service hours, and enter any awards they have received through Roo Life, our student engagement portal. Once they are entered and validated, they show up on the co-curricular transcript, which can be printed on demand by the student to share with their employment or graduate school application.

A 2016 study by Rodney Parks and Alexander Taylor found “that 86 percent of employers and students reported that experiential transcripts paint a more favorable picture of a job applicant than do traditional academic transcripts.” The first version of the CCT is available in Plain text format under your RooLife page.

Check out your Co-Curricular Transcript.


Since Fall 2018, students have the opportunity to earn badges which will be displayed on their co-curricular transcript to denote the completion of a series of events, programs, research, and self-reflection that credentials them at SUNY Canton in a specialized area.

The first two badges that are available to students are the Leadership and Cultural Competency badges. These badges offer a rigorous but engaging set of programs, workshops, and reflective activities that help students earn a meaningful, marketable skill set.

  • Cultural Competency Badge
    Provides the student the opportunity to explore and appreciate other cultures and explore diversity in a guided path of events and self-reflection. Students earning this badge will have a greater awareness of and appreciation for the diversities this community and the larger world have to offer.
  • Leadership Badge
    Guides students through a series of workshops, events, and reflection to help them develop leadership skills and grow in their own understanding of their leadership style and path. Students earning this badge will interface with leaders across industry, participate in evaluative processes with our Career Center, and navigate their own unique leadership style which gives them a leg up on other applicants for leadership roles post-graduation.
  • Wellness Badge
    The wellness badge provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their individual wellness, discover self-care techniques and develop strategies for personal growth. Students earning this badge develop a personalized wellness plan through programming and self-reflection.

Badges are completed by following a Path that will outline what needs to be completed. Check out your Personal Path progress.

As we continue to grow the badge program, we invite our campus community to work with us to offer suggestions, host programs, and engage with our students as they endeavor to better themselves holistically during their time at SUNY Canton.