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Identifying Students at Risk: Helpful Resources

As a community, SUNY Canton values each and every member of the campus and seeks to make each person’s time here enjoyable. Looking out for one another, and identifying behaviors that are outside of the norm that elicit concern, is an inherent expectation on the campus. All faculty, staff, and students (as well as visitors to the campus) are encouraged to report behaviors of concern to the appropriate office as soon as possible so that the behavior can be evaluated and, as appropriate, addressed.

On this page you will find several links that outline some of the types of behavior you may encounter and strategies for handling the matter. The Office of the Dean of Students is available at any time as a resource for faculty, staff, and students  and are willing to consult regarding behaviors of concern. Additionally, there are several other offices on campus who are part of our Behavioral Intervention Team who offer services to assist with concerning behaviors. Below is contact information for the various offices that are part of the Behavioral Intervention Team.

Office of the VP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Courtney Battista Bish, Dean of Students
Miller Campus Center 229
(315) 386-7120
bish@canton.edu (please use email ONLY for non-immediate emergency situations)

University Police Department
Alan Mulkin, Chief of Police
Dana Hall
(315) 386-7777

Counseling Center
Melinda Miller, Director of Counseling
Miller Campus Center 225

Diversity Affairs Office
Lashawanda Ingram, Director of Diversity
Miller Campus Center 216

Residence Life Office
John Kennedy, Director of Residence Life
Mohawk Hall

Davis Health Center
Shanna White, Director of the Health Center
Miller Campus Center 004

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