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Grad School: To Go or Not to Go

Your Career Path

What do you want to do? If it’s a profession you absolutely, positively must pursue, and it requires advanced education, then you’re probably an excellent candidate for further education.

“You go to graduate school to become an expert in a certain area or to be a professional in certain industries, like law, medicine, or engineering,” explains Cindy Parnell, director of career services at Arizona State University.


Not every profession requires an advanced degree, so do some research on potential career opportunities before committing to more education.


Can’t think of what else to do next? Don’t think of graduate school as a way to hide from the job search.  “Don’t go for the sake of going to graduate school. Go because you’re passionate and you want to develop your skill set in a certain area.”

Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.



Peterson's provides a quick and easy search for graduate schools by program and location.  Also great information about applying and financial aid.


Princeton Review

Princeton Review - Great resource for selecting and applying to medical school, the MCATs, financial aid, and other resources.



LSAC - A nonprofit organization devoted to furthering quality, access, and fairness in law school admission.

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