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LGBTQ Students face many questions in developing their careers. Among them:

Do I disclose to an employer?
When and how should I disclose to an employer?

If you would say, "Absolutely! I am out and proud!" you will want to identify and target LGBTQ friendly companies. If you would like to answer more vaguely, you have some flexibility. Whether you disclose or not is your decision.

How to find “Friendly” Companies

  • Check out HRC’s Corporate Equality Index below
  • Read the company’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) statement.  Do they include sexual orientation and gender identity in their statement?
  • See if you can find information on the company’s Human Resources page about whether they provide domestic partner benefits
  • You might also see if the company has an active LGBTQ employee group

Whether to be "In" or "Out" on Your Resume

The clubs, organizations, awards, and achievements you have on your resume may “out” you to an employer. You can, if you want, disguise those activities:

  • Instead of the club or group’s full name use initials – but an interviewer may ask
  • Describe the organization rather its name. For example, “diversity club” or “anti-discrimination group."
  • Consider using a functional resume which removes or minimizes names and dates to focus on skills.


Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign - produced by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is a great source for “friendly” companies and lists corporate policies and practices related to LGBT employees


Out for Work

Out for Work - Provides a number of resources, jobs, and even conferences for LGBTQ college students and professionals


Pro Gay Jobs

Pro Gay Jobs - A recruiting portal that provides diversity-focused employers with opportunities to post jobs and advertise to the GLBT workforce.

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