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  • Changing Your Perspective (Problem-Solving)
    Using discussion and experiential problem-solving games and activities to teach students to take new looks at solving problems. Students are encouraged to think outside of the box.
  • Physical Health = Mental Health
    We will use a variety of games and activities as well as some discussion about mental health which can be promoted by physical activity and game playing. Emphasis will be placed on using activities as a means to increase mental health through balance and various levels of activity.
  • The Beer Goggle Experience
    Covered in this presentation is Binge Drinking and Alcohol Poisoning; signs and what to do! How does alcohol affect your body and grades? Beer goggles are used to demonstrate .08 BAC. Students walk the line using the goggles.
  • Jeopardy
    We have a new large game board. Game questions include a variety of topics including alcohol, other drugs, STD Awareness and more. Jeopardy can be themed for example: Valentines Jeopardy has a”chocolate“category and “Spring Break” Jeopardy has a “Fun in the Sun” category. Students rack up points to win.
  • Reducing Stress
    Stress screenings are given and participants score their own. Topics covered will include how to reduce stress, when the most stressful times of the day are and how to relax.

  • Sexual Assault Awareness
    We cover the alcohol and date rape connections. Staying with friends, date rape drugs, getting help and where to turn are all covered in this program.
  • S.A.D.
    The class will focus on the awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder, including effects, conditions, and ways to overcome it.
  • Stress Eating
    This presentation will talk about situations and stressors that lead to eating as a coping mechanism for stress. Techniques and tips will be offered on how manage stress and healthy alternatives to eating as a way of coping.
  • Time Management
    Effective time management is a critical piece of a positive college experience. The presenter will offer strategies for improving time management and discuss what types of distractions can get in the way.
  • Preparing for Finals
    This a combination of “Reducing Stress” and “Time Management” geared to helping student be the most effective in preparing for end of the year projects and exams.