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Presidential Update

A message from SUNY Canton President Zvi Szafran

I’m pleased to announce that SUNY Canton faculty members have enacted a plan for students to complete their necessary laboratory requirements remotely in response to the college’s overall COVID-19 arrangements.

Some students have expressed concern about being behind in their coursework and potentially not graduating on time. Labs, including those for biology, chemistry, and nursing, will all be offered remotely for the remainder of the semester.

Faculty members should be in touch with students by noon on Friday. If you do not hear from your respective instructors, please contact your school dean’s office with your name, your course and your instructor’s information.

We received correspondence from public health officials emphasizing the need to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local population. Social distancing and limitations on non-essential travel are fundamental components of the college’s strategy. The County’s Health Department recommends that our college continue to limit non-essential travel.

The college is only allowing international students and students who have no other safe place to go to stay on campus. All coursework is being offered in an entirely online or remote format and does not require on-campus residence. If you have a non-academic extenuating circumstance, please e-mail reslife@canton.edu with a detailed explanation of your situation.   

I’d like to thank SUNY Canton Provost Peggy De Cooke, faculty, and the college’s deans for creating innovative plans to address this unprecedented situation. Over the past week, they’ve worked diligently to initiate remote teaching strategies for classes that have never been taught this way before. Additionally, I’d like to thank the students for their patience while we mobilize this new academic approach.

- President Zvi Szafran