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Presidential Update

Dear Campus Community,

In these extraordinary times, our staff on campus have gone to extraordinary measures to keep our campus healthy, safe, and running smoothly. Those working from home have kept our students on track with their education and kept our behind-the-scenes functions humming along. As I said in the recent WEEKLY BLAB, I can’t thank everyone enough for your hard work and dedication.

To help keep things moving in the right direction, I’d like to bring you up to date on some recent governmental orders, along with a few reminders.

The Governor has extended his New York State on PAUSE Executive Order until at least April 29, and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff has imposed a Travel Advisory for the County. I’m including more detailed information on these measures below.

At SUNY Canton, the bottom-line effect of these policies is this: only workers who have been designated as on-campus essential by their area VP should be coming to campus. There are only two exceptions:

  • Faculty or staff who are asked to come to campus due to an emergency, for instance information technology staff in the event of a network failure.
  • Individuals who are temporarily approved by their area VP to come to campus for specific purpose and for a specific period of time. To be temporarily approved, the individual must complete a Campus Access Form and receive a written approval for that purpose from their VP.
  • Individuals who have been designated by their area VP to pick up essential mail may briefly come to campus Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for that purpose. They must also complete a Campus Access Form and receive written approval from their VP.

The Governor’s New York State on PAUSE Executive Order mandates that until at least April 29:

  • All non-essential businesses and K-12 schools will remain closed.
  • All non-essential gatherings of any size must be cancelled or postponed.
  • Essential businesses and entities – including SUNY Canton – must implement rules that facilitate social distancing of at least six feet at all times.
  • Sick individuals, even if they are essential workers, should NOT leave their home for any reason, and should avoid contact with other individuals.
  • Travel should be limited to only essential purposes until further notice. Essential purposes include obtaining medical care or medications, procuring groceries and food, or going to a park as long as social distancing can be maintained. Only essential workers should travel to and from their places of employment.
  • Those not following these social-distancing rules, including non-essential businesses remaining open, or participating in non-essential gatherings at any time, may face civil fines and/or prosecution.

Thank you all for doing your part to abide by these critical policies to limit the spread of the coronavirus and help keep our communities safe.