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Presidential Update

Dear Colleagues,

We’d like to update you on a few things to let you know the direction some of our planning is going.

Please be aware that things may change. The College receives information and directives, sometimes daily from SUNY and the State, which may cause some of the following to change.

  • An Executive Summary of a set of contingency plans for the fall semester were sent to SUNY this past Saturday. SUNY and the State will need to approve them before we can make any official announcements, (we do not know exactly when this will happen). Our preferred plan is to:
  • Compress the semester (no fall break, students go home after Thanksgiving, remainder of the semester online)
  • Put our large lecture courses online, increase the use of flex instruction to reduce classroom density, prioritize labs
  • Include testing, social distancing, and masks (provided by the campus)
  • The various campus teams continue to work out details on the fall semester start-up.  is now available. Please contribute to the discussion and planning via the digital suggestion box.
  • There is a state-wide freeze on hiring. This applies to all positions on campus, including student assistants (see the previous email to campus from HR on June 5, 2020). Spending has been significantly curtailed.
  • Orientation will be virtual this summer.

Going forward, we will try to post updates at least once a week. Please look for them!