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Pass Grade Request for Fall 2020

Dear students,

You may now request a pass, or P, in any class where you’ve earned the grade of D or higher for the Spring 2020 semester. To request a P, please fill out Pass Grade Request Form and email the completed form to your school Dean’s Office. Those addresses are:

You will have two weeks from today (Monday, December 21) to request your grades be changed to a Pass (P). Be sure to submit your request no later than (Monday, Jan. 4, 2021 at 4 p.m.) Please be aware that once your requests are fully processed, grades cannot be reverted back to the original letter grade. The grade of P will be the final grade that appears on your transcript.

GPA Calculator has been developed to help you make your decisions. It is for your personal use only and you do not need to submit it. It will come up as an Excel file.


The college adopted a pass/fail policy for those who are concerned about their Fall 2020 GPA. If you are considering the pass option, please remember that there will be no GPA, but only credit earned for the course. We encourage you to discuss this with your academic advisor, because the mark may impact: 

  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Academic Standing
  • Athletic Eligibility
  • Enrollment in Select or Accredited Programs*
  • Continuing Education
  • Honor Roll Status
  • Prerequisite Requirements

* Note: If you are not currently in a select program but wish to enroll in one of the following programs in the future, please reach out to the School of Science, Health and Criminal Justice.

  • Nursing, AAS
  • Dual Degree Nursing Program
  • Practical Nursing (LPN)
  • Veterinary Technology, BS
  • Veterinary Science Technology, AAS
  • Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS