Student Emergency Fund Matching Gift Challenge!

Together, We Can. - Students stocking the food pantry.

We made it!

Emergency Fund Meter - 110% - $60,000+WOW!! We are one day before the deadline, and the SUNY Canton community has more than risen to the challenge. Like all good Roo’s, you have made an amazing leap forward that will help SO many of our students. We set out to raise $50,000 to meet the Chancellor’s challenge and receive a $50,000 match. We are excited to tell you that we’ve blown the goal out of the water, raising more than $60,000! And, we are still working on it. Every dollar we raise for the Student Emergency Fund through tomorrow, June 30, will make us eligible for additional matching funds. So if you’d like to be part of this tremendous success, there’s still a little time left. Thanks to all of our generous friends and supporters for making this happen. Go Roos!!

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