SUNY Canton Online

Start of Semester


Housekeeping Tips

Courses must be made available a week before the semester starts for student preview.

* Please expect an email explaining more details shortly before the semester start.

Preview week is typically the week before the semester starts.

* During the preview week, courses are made available to students to allow them extra time to find their way around the course, the technology used in the course, and to start engaging with learning materials. A minimum of the course syllabus must be available.

Blackboard tips:

• Update your syllabus and due dates.

• Check access to course content, course tools, tests, and assignments.

• Check your Full Grade Center, be sure to set your external grade column.

• Check course navigation instructions, as well as internal and external links.

If you need assistance, please email

Course Merge

  • If you have multiple sections of the same course being offered in the same session, you may request to have them merged into one shell. This allows you to instruct all assigned sections while maintaining one set of course materials in a single merged Blackboard shell.

    Please email to request a course merge.

Course Copy

Please copy your materials into your Blackboard course shell before the start of preview week. Preview week commences one week before classes are scheduled to begin.

The title of your course shell begins with a 5 digit Course Reference Number (CRN). You can use this number to quickly identify your course.

Both fully online and supplemental course shells (if used) should be copied and prepared. Workflows and tutorials on how to course copy, use discussion boards, and manage the Grade Center are available in our Blackboard Info Center.

Course Disable

  • All Bb current term shells are automatically enabled at 8 AM on the first day of class.

    If you choose not to use your Blackboard course shell for your supplemental courses, you will have to disable the course shell after 8 AM on the first day of preview week and again after 8 AM on the first day of class.

    Use the Blackboard Course Availability (PDF) Handout to set availability to “No.” You would use the same process to manually enable your courses if you need to allow your students to finish incomplete work after course shells are disabled approximately 2 weeks after the term ends.

Orientation Modules