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Key/Card Access

All requests for keys are made through the Physical Plant Office. The appropriate form to use is the K-1 (Key Request Form) signed by both the person making the key request and the School Dean or Department Head. The form should then be forwarded to the Physical Plant Office for approval and process. Key Request Form (K-1) are available by downloading the Excel file by clicking the link. You will be notified by e-mail or phone when the requested keys are available for you to pick up at the Physical Plant Office.Keys

The K-1 form (July 2020) assists our office in updating our PSI (Physical Space Inventory) records. All campus personnel should use this updated form. Also, if this form is not completely filled out, it may be returned to the requestor for completion.

Key Policy

  • Keys must be picked up by requestor at the Physical Plant Office.
  • Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to BOTH the University Police Department and the Physical Plant Office. Lost keys may result in individual or departmental charges for rekeying of area(s).
  • Upon termination of employment, all keys must be returned or accounted for to the Physical Plant Office. **This also applies to all Adjunct Faculty each semester. A Physical Plant staff member will sign the release approval which will be forwarded to the Human Resources Office before release of his/her final paycheck.
  • Employees on any kind of extended leave of absence in which they will be physically absent from the campus or from the immediate area of the college, will return all keys to the Physical Plant Office during the duration of the leave.
  • All keys issued by the Physical Plant Office are the property of SUNY Canton.
  • Anyone having keys or found in possession of keys which were not authorized, will be in violation of college policy and New York State law.

Card Access Control Policy and Procedures

Any modifications to the card access system for the Academic Buildings will be made through the K-1 form. When adding a card holder to the system, the following information is needed:

  • Name
  • Department
  • SUNY I.D. Card Number (Last 8 digits of bottom left number on front of ID card.)
  • Date(s)/Time(s) of Access (if necessary)
  • Area to Be Accessed
  • Deactivation Date (if necessary)

When modifying time zones for locking and unlocking doors, the following information is needed:

  • Access Area
  • Date(s)/Time(s) to be modified

The K-1 will be given to the Access Control Administrator. They will approve or deny the request. The denied request will be returned to the requestor with a written statement why it was denied. An approved K-1 will generate a work order, which will then be processed by the Physical Plant office.


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