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Property Control Coordinator

The responsibilities of the Property Control Office are:

  • Tag Assets $5000 and above:
    • State & Research Foundation property and equipment $5000 above are tagged with SUNY Asset Inventory Tags and information is entered into SUNY’s Property Control Real Asset Management System (RAM.)
  • Tag Assets below $5000:
    • SUNY Canton Ownership Tags are affixed to equipment $500 and above (with the exception of electronic and vulnerable equipment less than $500) and entered into SUNY Canton’s PCS.
  • Transfer equipment from one department to another.
  • Surplus equipment which no longer provides a tangible value to the College.
  • Track removal of equipment from campus.
  • Conduct an annual inventory of campus equipment.


For questions regarding Property Control, please contract Sandy Pryce at propertycontrol@canton.edu.

Additional information on the State’s Property Control System.

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