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Campus Property Surplus/Disposal/Transfer

  • Surplus equipment no longer provides a tangible value to the college.
  • Equipment may be removed from a department as surplus, disposal or transferred.
  • If any state-owned tagged equipment is being removed from a department for any of the above reasons, the department must submit a Property Transfer/Surplus Form.
  • The completed form must be submitted to:
    • SUNY Canton Help Desk (IS) - if Electronic equipment (i.e. computer, tablet, monitor, printer, fax, copier, TV, etc.,) so hard drives can be “cleaned” prior to disposal, recycling or repurposing.
    • Property Control for all other equipment. (Furniture, desk, chairs, file cabinets, etc.)
  • Contract Sandy Pryce with any questions regarding removal of state-owned equipment at propertycontrol@canton.edu.