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Physical Plant Work Order System

The Physical Plant office has implemented a work order system which will reduce campus costs by reducing paper on campus. Everyone is expected to utilize the new system. If the problem is an emergency, please call the Physical Plant office at 7222 or University Police at 7777 when the Physical Plant is closed. Otherwise, please use the new procedure.

The program is a web-based system. The website can be found at https://az.quecentre.com/sunycanton/login.aspx. Please bookmark this website.

The system will enable you to request a work order and check the status of your requested work orders. Please note that key requests cannot be done on this system. K-1s still need to be completed and mailed to the Physical Plant office for processing. If you need something moved or surplused, you must submit an E-1 to Property Control in the Storehouse for any movement of State equipment with State ID tags.

The system is simple to use to request a work order. Your user name is your name in lower case letters with a space between your first name and last name. Your password the first time you log on is your first name in lower case letters. The first time you log on, you may choose to change your password. See the User Account Screen for directions on changing your password. If you forget your password, enter your first and last name in lowercase with a space between your first and last name in the username box and you will receive an e-mail containing your password.

If you are a new employee and are unable to log on, please call Tammy Carr at 7186 or send her an e-mail (carrt@canton.edu) with your first and last name, phone number and e-mail address. She will add your name to the system.

Once you log on and fill in the required information and save it, the request will appear as a NEW work order. Please include your department's account on your request in the space provided in the event that materials need to be charged to your account. The Physical Plant office will update these work orders daily. Once your request has been approved, you will note that the State of the work order will change to APPROVED. Once the work order has been completed and closed by the Physical Plant, it will be removed from the list. You will receive an e-mail informing you that the work order has been closed.

If you have any questions on the new system, please contact Tammy Carr in the Physical Plant office at 7186.

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