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Building Services Department

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly

Head Janitor

Joe is responsible for the Building Services Department. All questions and/or concerns regarding Building Services should be directed to Joe.

Building Services - Days

  • Anthony Ange, Janitor
  • Joe Auberger, Cleaner
  • Onalie Beckstead, Cleaner
  • Brandy Bissonette, Janitor
  • Gwen Bradley, Cleaner
  • Jared Brown, Cleaner
  • Roy Clough, Cleaner
  • Scott Clough, Cleaner
  • Tiffany Demers, Cleaner
  • Chris Eggleston, Janitor
  • Doug Frary, Cleaner
  • Clifford Harvey, Janitor
  • Patty Hutchins, Janitor
  • Robert Locy III, Cleaner
  • Barry Orologio, Janitor
  • Melissa Orologio, Cleaner
  • Nate Peck, Janitor
  • Al Piercey, Janitor
  • Billy Planty, Janitor
  • Carl Planty, Jr., Cleaner
  • Allison Rouselle, Janitor
  • George Shantie, Cleaner

Dan Bovay

Dan Bovay

Supervising Janitor

Dan is responsible for the Night Building Services Department.

Building Services - Nights

  • Travis Cota, Cleaner
  • Ryan Dean, Janitor
  • Craig Donovan, Janitor
  • Lynne O'Connor, Janitor
  • Nataliya Smith, Cleaner
  • Suzan Gamer, Cleaner

Cooper Service Complex
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617
Phone: 315-386-7222
Fax: 315-386-7960