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Central Storehouse/Central Receiving

Hours of Operation:
7:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Phone - 315-386-7628
Fax - 315-386-7905


Sandy Pryce

Stores & Mail Operations Supervisor

Sandy is responsible for the Campus Mailroom, Central Storehouse, Central Receiving, Property Control and Surplus Property, Supervising Work Study Students and Green Thumb employees.

Gisele Fleury

Office Assistant 2 (Stores/Mail)

Gisele is responsible for Central Storehouse (supplies and ordering).

Penny Ames

Office Assistant 1 (Stores/Mail)

Penny is responsible for assisting Storehouse and Mailroom staff, and moving equipment on campus.

Travis Vice

Facility Operations Assistant 1

Travis is responsible for assisting Storehouse and Mailroom staff, and moving equipment on campus.


The Central Storehouse and Central Receiving Department is responsible for stocking and distributing general office, classroom and maintenance supplies, ink pens, felt tip pens, class registers, machine screws, lag bolts, wood screws and other items of this nature. A complete catalog and price listing can be obtained from School or department secretaries or Central Storehouse. On-campus personnel may download the Storehouse Catalog.

All goods and merchandise ordered of an official nature are received, checked and distributed from this area also.

Central Storehouse

General Supplies and Maintenance Store Items

  1. Ordered by School or department secretaries, maintenance personnel, technical assistants and department chairpersons.
  2. Funds are allocated under administrative guidelines. Orders submitted after funds are exhausted cannot be honored.
  3. Catalogs, General Requisition Form (C-1) and ordering forms are available at School or department offices and Central Storehouse.
  4. Items may be picked up at Central Storehouse between the hours noted previously.
  5. Items may be ordered via campus mail (allow two working days for processing and delivery).
  6. A perpetual inventory system is utilized for control and ordering. Ordering is based on standard usage. If a large, non-routine amount of any item is required, notify Central Storehouse as quickly as possible to avoid outages. An allowance of forty-five days is needed to replenish stock.
  7. Central Storehouse delivers supplies ordered to location specified on C-1 or purchase order. It does not have adequate staff for moving boxes and packages between floors and buildings. We do try to cooperate by assisting, but it must be at the convenience of Central Storehouse and with sufficient notice (usually 24 hours).

Central Receiving

» Central Receiving Deficiency Report

  • Maintains a file of each purchase order processed by the campus Purchasing Department.
  • Receives shipments from UPS, U.S. Postal Service, Railway Express, Federal Express and common carrier.
  • Opens and inspects such goods and materials received as to condition, quantity and quality.
  • Delivers received merchandise to area or persons specified on the receiving report.
  • Verifies receipt of merchandise.
  • Affixes inventory tag to pieces of equipment received and maintains a listing of all equipment on campus by location, purchase order, year purchased, account number (department charged).
  • Recipient at delivery point must also sign for materials received requiring a signature of Central Receiving staff.


Cooper Service Complex
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617
Phone: 315-386-7222
Fax: 315-386-7960