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Surplus Property

Surplus Property Acquisition

All offerings of surplus property are handled by the Physical Plant Office. A monthly, updated listing of all State University surplus available equipment can be reviewed at the Physical Plant Office or Central Storehouse.

The items in most cases are gratis; however, travel and transportation involved to pick up the item(s) is charged to the department desiring it. If anyone has a particular item(s) they are especially interested in acquiring, they should indicate this by memo to the Physical Plant Office. The Physical Plant Office will then use this memo as a reference when new listings are received.

All surplus property must be utilized strictly for state-related purposes; personal use of surplus property is not permitted.

Disposal of Surplus Property

A. Sale or Transfer

When equipment, in the custody of a college department, is determined to be no longer needed, the following steps will be taken:

  1. The using department shall:
    • Ensure that no other department within the School/area has use for the equipment.
    • If there is no divisional use, complete the Equipment Control Form (E-1) and forward to Central Storehouse.
  2. Central Storehouse staff will:
    • Move equipment to storage.
    • Advertise the availability of the equipment throughout the campus via e-mail.
  3. If no other department on the campus has use for the equipment, established state procedure will be followed for eventual sale or transfer to another state agency.

B. Cannibalization

If surplus equipment is to be used for spare parts, Central Storehouse must be notified so that the item is removed from inventory

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