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Surplus of Information Technology Equipment

This policy describes the reassignment or surplus of information technology-related equipment used at SUNY Canton and owned by the State of New York, and the auxiliary organizations or foundations operated for the benefit of SUNY Canton. This policy augments New York State policy named "State-Owned Surplus Assets".


The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has responsibility for the support of all information technology-related equipment on campus, both for campus employees and for the auxiliary organizations and foundations. The CTO is advised on campus information technology matters by the Information Technology Department, the Instructional Technology Committee and the Banner Advisory Committee.

Determination of Condition

At the time that information technology equipment is planned for replacement, the CTO will make a determination of the condition of the used equipment, and whether the used equipment is suitable for reuse on campus or if it should be surplused. This will be based on the range of models and ages of equipment that is currently being supported by the Information Technology Department on campus. The used equipment condition will be recorded on an Equipment Control Form (E-1) and the CTO will verify the equipment's condition and initial the form.

Preparation for Disposition

The Information Technology Department shall destroy any information on hard drives or other internal storage devices prior to equipment disposition. In cases of surplused equipment, it is the new owner's responsibility to obtain an operating systems license and drivers to render it useable again. In cases where equipment is reused on campus, the Information Technology Department will reload currently supported software for the new user.

Reused Equipment

At the time of equipment replacement planning, if a determination is made by the CTO that the used equipment may be reused on campus, the following shall occur:

  1. The CTO will solicit independent requests for used equipment from campus faculty and staff.
  2. The CTO will present a list of available used equipment and prospective recipients to a committee consisting of representatives from the Instructional Technology Committee and Banner Advisory Committee. The information provided will include the used equipment serial number(s), the original account used to purchase each piece of equipment, and a list of the campus personnel in need of technology equipment, with some indication of prioritization of potential recipients' level of need.
  3. The combined committee of representatives shall make a determination as to who on campus shall receive the used equipment. Any remaining excess equipment shall be disposed of according to existing New York State Surplus Equipment Policies.
  4. A memorandum shall be sent by the CTO to each identified recipient notifying him or her of award of the equipment, with appropriate identifying information.
  5. The Information Technology Department shall prepare the equipment for it's new owner as noted above under "Preparation for Disposition".
  6. The recipient shall complete and Equipment Control Form (E-1) for each piece of equipment given to the recipient, and shall arrange for the equipment to be moved to their designated campus location.

Surplus Equipment

If the equipment is to be surplused, the policy and procedures described under the NYS "State-Owned Surplus Assets" policy shall apply, with the following additions:

  1. Disposition Method - The CTO will recommend and initial on the Equipment Control Form (E-1) the method of technology equipment disposition which is in the best interests of the campus and which follows the State-Owned Surplus Assets policy. Disposition guidelines are:
    • If the condition of the equipment is anything except "scrap", the preferred method of disposal is one involving maximum cost recovery for the campus. First choice is obtaining a trade-in discount on new equipment purchases. In this case, it is preferable to obtain a discount or voucher for new equipment rather than issuance of a check or funds transfer from the vendor.
    • Second choice is holding an auction or public sale. In the event that an auction or public sale is held, the disclaimers noted below under "Terms of Disposition" will be marked on the equipment and announced at the auction.
    • In cases where it is deemed in the campus' best interest, or for equipment remaining unsold or abandoned after an auction, the preferred method of disposal is to deed the equipment to a charity or public service organization involved in redistributing the equipment regionally to those in need, with any delivery charge at the expense of the charity. The disclaimers noted below under the "Terms of Disposition" will be marked on the equipment prior to donation.
    • The least preferred method is to dispose of equipment according to applicable waste management regulations. In the case of computing equipment, this is usually "Hazardous Waste", and incurs a charge for disposal. Funds for waste disposal charges will come from the account associated with the original equipment purchase.
  2. Transfer to Storehouse - After the Information Technology Department prepares the equipment for disposal, the CTO signs a completed Equipment Control Form (E-1) to transfer the equipment ownership to the Storehouse.
  3. Disposition - The Storehouse Manager will dispose of the equipment according to the recommendations of the CTO and the applicable NYS policies and rules for "State-Owned Surplus Assets".
  4. Terms of Disposition -
    • SUNY Canton Information Technology Department will not support equipment that has been disposed. This may mean that such equipment is no longer compatible with other equipment or software currently in use at SUNY Canton.
    • The equipment is disposed of as is. No warranties on the condition or usability of the equipment are offered or implied.
    • New York State considers computing equipment to be hazardous waste. The new owner assumes all responsibility for this equipment and will not hold SUNY Canton, SUNY, or the State of New York liable for any actions taken or not taken by the new owner regarding its use or disposal.
  5. Funds Recovery and Use - Funds recovered for information technology equipment, which based on "State-Owned Surplus Assets" are destined for any campus accounts, shall be allocated for general campus technology purchases, to be used under the guidance of the CTO and the campus technology advisory committees.

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