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One-Hop Shop - Student Accounts

The responsibility of the Student Accounts Office is the collection and record maintenance of monies owed SUNY Canton, including residence hall operations and food service. Specific responsibilities are as follows:


  1. Credit Courses
    Student bills are prepared by the Student Accounts Office. The basic contents of the bill consists of student name, student number, itemized charges, total charges, itemized financial aid credits/deposits, and total financial aid credits. Approximately eight weeks prior to registration, bills are mailed to incoming and returning students. They have the option of prepaying or paying late, which includes a $40 late payment fee and a $40 late registration fee, amendable by approval of SUNY Administration.
  2. Non-Credit Courses
    Student applications are prepared by the CREST Center. The basic content of the application is student name, student address, name and/or code of course, date of birth, email address, and phone number. The responsibility of the CREST Center is to collect the payments, by either check or directing them to the online portal, and provide a receipt (if payment is by check). The Student Accounts Office manages the payments depositing them in the appropriate IFR account.


  1. Admission Deposits
    Upon acceptance to the School or a change in curriculum, the Admissions Office notifies the student that a $100 admission deposit ($50 for EOP students) must be paid usually within 30 days from the date of the acceptance letter. The deposit may be mailed, paid in person at the Student Service Center, or paid using the “online” payment feature on the College’s webpage. These deposits are applied as a payment to the student’s bill for admitted students. If the student does not attend, they must request to have their deposit returned to them. Non-requested return of deposits will be forfeited.
  2. Residence Hall Deposit
    All incoming and returning students are required to abide by the mandatory residence policy. Those requesting exception from this policy must complete the Release Request Form, which is forwarded to the Director of Residence Life for action.After notification of acceptance, the Admissions Office sends out welcome packages. The $105 housing deposit is to be returned with the card to the Student Service Center. The payment of the housing deposit insures a student will have room accommodations for the upcoming semester. These deposits are applied as payments on the student bill. Once the deposit has been paid, the student must fill out the On-Campus Housing Form on UCanWeb.

    Returning students are notified in March by the Housing Office as to the Fall reservation process. An advance housing deposit of $105 ($55 for EOP students) must be paid to reserve a room for the Fall semester. The deposits are processed by the Student Accounts Office. These deposits are applied as a payment on the Fall student bill.

  3. Waivers
    Should a student feel that financial circumstances are such that payment of the admission deposit and/or dormitory deposit cannot be made, the student may request a waiver. The Admissions Office will take requests for the Admissions and Housing Deposit Waivers. The Housing Waiver will be forwarded to the Residence Life Office for freshman. A financial aid application must be on file before a waiver may be granted.


A complete listing of fees can be obtained at: http://www.canton.edu/fin_aid/tuition_fees.html

Refunds will be made for triple-room occupancy when such assignments are made at the discretion of the Housing Office.

  1. Late Registration Fee
    Students must meet with their advisor and pre-register for classes by the last day of final exams. Should a student fail to register by the appropriate pre-registration deadline date, a $50 non-refundable late registration fee will be assessed, and a hold will be placed on the student’s account. Students may NOT use financial aid to pay this fee and will be required to pay this fee before they will be allowed to register for classes.
  2. Late Payment Fee
    Should a student fail to pay by the appropriate prepayment deadline date, a $40 late payment fee will be assessed. This includes those checks used as payment of fees on or before the prepayment date but are returned by the bank as unpaid after the prepayment deadline.
  3. Identification Card Replacement Charge
    Your original ID card is provided at no charge. A $20 replacement fee will be charged  for all lost or damaged cards. All on-campus students are required to have an ID card which is the official identification as a SUNY Canton student. The ID card may be required for student privileges at other area colleges. The card must be surrendered upon request of any member of the College staff .The ID card is not to be loaned or used by anyone other than the proper owner. Lost cards should be reported lost on GET.CBORD.com. A replacement ID card may be purchased by calling (315)386-7210, and your card will be mailed to you. Please do not go to the One Hop Shop for a replacement card.
  4. Returned Check Fee
    A service charge not to exceed the face value of the dishonored check or $20, whichever is less, will be assessed for all checks returned from a bank as unpaid.
  5. Course Change Fee
    A fee of $20 will be assessed for each Course Change Form processed beginning the fourth day of classes. Exceptions to this policy will be approved by the Registrar.Procedures


    1. The $20 course change fee will be imposed with the following exceptions:
      • Matriculated students officially withdrawing from school will not be subject to this fee.
      • Administrative corrections will not be subject to this fee.
    2. Students using a Course Change Form beginning on the first day of classes will obtain all required signatures, pay the fee as required at the Student Service Center, and deliver the Course Change Form to the Registrar’s Office during regular office hours. This course change will not be official until the form, fully completed, is received by the Registrar.
    3. The date of payment, receipt number, and signature of the Student Service Center representative will be entered on the Course Change Form.
  6. Charges for Lost Library Materials
    Patrons will be charged for lost library materials. The borrower will pay a replacement cost for items not returned regardless of reason. The replacement cost will be based on the current price of the item.
  7. Transcript Fees
    Academic Transcripts: There is a $5 per semester charge for official transcripts while attending classes.