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Public Relations - Policies and Procedures


  1. To project a favorable and accurate image of the institution.
  2. To coordinate all internal and external college publications for a consistent visual appearance.
  3. To produce and coordinate the College’s digital communications via email, website, and social media channels.
  4. To disseminate public information in a timely and efficient manner.


The Director of Public Relations, in cooperation with the Admissions Office, will annually assign priority and funds toward a master production schedule for production of publications. Additional requests for publications will be accommodated on a time-available and funds-available basis.

Publications Production Procedure

All College publications should be produced by the Office of Public Relations. Printing jobs which do not require publication services are stationery, examinations, laboratory manuals, and standard departmental forms. These should be ordered directly from Central Duplicating.

  1.  Originator schedules an initial meeting with the Director of Public Relations or the Graphic Artist ten weeks before delivery is needed to discuss the publication: audience, deadline, budget, quantity, photographic needs, etc.
  2. Originator provides copy in electronic format which has been edited and proofread for completeness, accuracy, and timeliness.
  3. If necessary, the Director of Public Relations or the Graphic Artist arranges photography for the publication.
  4. Copy is edited and submitted to the Graphic Artist for initial designs, type specification and setting, stock selection, and Central Duplicating alert and quote.
  5. Originator discusses options with the Director of Public Relations or the Graphic Artist and reviews typeset copy for final corrections, if any.
  6. Following corrections, the Graphic Artist prepares material for final approval by editor and author. Corrections at this stage are only for accuracy of information.
  7. Final corrections are made.
  8. Graphic Artist proceeds with production package and delivers to printer. Central Duplicating or outside printer handles printing and delivery.

Publications Production Procedures

A number of services to assist in the production of publications for the College are available through the Office of Public Relations and Publications:

Planning and Advising

The Office of Public Relations staff is involved in planning publications and printing. Consulting with them as soon as you know that a publication is needed will save time, energy, and money.

Time and Cost Estimates

The staff will evaluate the proposed publications, determine the printing option which best suits the needs, and provide time and cost estimates for production.


The Public Relations Office provides some editorial support for publication production as time allows. In almost all cases, however, the originator is responsible for preparing draft copy. Guidelines for the preparation of copy are available in the Office of Public Relations. Following these guidelines will expedite the production of all publications.


While due caution is exercised in typesetting, typographical errors do occur. Ultimately, it is the originator’s responsibility to ensure that content is free from errors. The originator will be asked to proofread copy and to sign off on corrections throughout the production process.


Do not try to design your publication in advance. An experienced graphic artist will design a publication which will effectively communicate the intended message while maintaining the College’s publications standards. The artist will specify type and design in keeping with the College’s graphic image.


Photography for college public information and publication purposes should be scheduled with the Director of Public Relations.

If a publication will require specific photography, that should be indicated as early as possible. If an originator has photographs or graphics to be included in a publication, please remember they must be of high quality. The Graphic Artist will determine if the photographs or graphics submitted are of acceptable quality for printing.

The Public Relations Office will take photographs of only those subjects which will appear in the College publications or in specific publicity vehicles.