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Web Policy


SUNY Canton’s web pages will be used to promote the brand and mission of the institution. The website should communicate information about the College to current and future students, alumni, businesses, employees, and the community. The quality and accuracy of the information published by the College is important in promoting the reputation and positive image of the College.

It is essential that information published on the Web reflects standards of quality, consistency, and usability. It is also important that the College’s web policy remain responsive to future technologies and change. As such, this policy should be continually reviewed and updated as necessary.

Administrative Policies

Administrative policies are designed to address the use of the College’s web pages by faculty, staff, students, and official college departments.

General Policies

  1. The College’s website will comply with Federal and State laws (NY State’s Technology Policy PO4-002).
  2. The College reserves the right to remove from its server or disconnect from its network any material that the College considers in violation of College, State, or Federal policies.
  3. Links from the College’s official pages to other Internet sites are permitted but must be related to the College’s mission. These links will be reviewed by the Web Coordinator.
  4. All web pages (official and unofficial) will comply with the College’s policy on acceptable use.

Policies Related to Official Web Pages

Official web pages consist of pages created by academic and administrative departments.

  1. Administrative and academic units will be responsible for developing and maintaining the content of their own web pages.
  2. Official web pages will be approved by the Web Designer/Public Relations. The Web Designer will review materials for consistency, editorial clarity, and compliance with university policies. Each new or significantly reconstructed page will be submitted for review to the Web Designer.
  3. Official web pages will contain the College logo, a link to the home page, contact information, and the pre-established template, approved by Public Relations.
  4. Official web pages will follow the College’s design and content guidelines. A standardized format will be used in the development of all official web pages in order to present a consistent, cohesive institutional presence. Such a format will be built to current web standards, adhere to design principles, and provide flexibility for end-users.
  5. Official web pages will be continuously reviewed for misspellings and broken links.

Policies for New Content and Accessibility on Official Web Pages

All content that appears on the SUNY Canton website or connected to third party sites will need prior approval from the Director of Public Relations/Web Designer.

For full details on Accessibility on the SUNY Canton website, please visit Policies and Procedures for Accessibility on the Web


Policies Related to Unofficial Web Pages

Unofficial web pages consist of pages created by students, faculty, staff, clubs, and organizations.

Policies Related to Authorized Student Organizations

  1. Web pages of student organizations will adhere to the general web policies of the College.
  2. Web pages of student organizations will include a disclaimer that the College does not accept responsibility for the contents of the page.
  3. Web pages of student organizations will contain a link back to the College’s home page.
  4. Web pages of student organizations will be subject to review and approval by the advisor of the student organization.

Policies Related to Student, Faculty, and Staff Web Pages

These web pages may contain professional information related to their work at the College.

Faculty and Staff Web Pages

  1. Faculty/staff may request their own page for professional information related to their work at the College. This may consist of a curriculum vitae, educational background, professional scholarship and research, courses taught/developed, and/or organization membership.
  2. Faculty/staff will be responsible for updating, revising, and maintaining their web pages.
  3. External Faculty/staff web pages will contain a disclaimer (e.g., This is a faculty web page and not an official SUNY Canton web page. The College does not accept responsibility for the contents of these pages.).
  4. Faculty/staff web pages will be built in a pre-determined template, approved by Public Relations.