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9.0 Alcohol Policy

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9.1 Statement of Purpose

SUNY Canton seeks to create a campus environment that is supportive of the academic mission of the institution by promoting healthy and responsible living, affirming civility, supporting the well being of each of its members and being respectful of all the laws and institutional regulations governing alcohol usage.

In keeping with our educational mission, SUNY Canton has established this policy to promote an environment that encourages learning, fosters respect for people and property, and supports individual development and success, while recognizing the responsible consumption of alcohol for those of legal age. The policy applies to all members of the College community and their guests. The host is responsible for their guest’s conduct and the consequences of their behavior as well.

The College will provide information about acceptable standards of behavior, possible consequences of violating applicable laws and University regulations, promote educational programming and make resources available from the Counseling Center’s library for the prevention, intervention, and treatment of substance abuse.

9.2 Events on Campus

All campus events which include alcohol must be appropriately registered, supervised and conform to applicable laws and College regulations. It is the responsibility of the Director of the sponsoring office or the president and advisor of a campus student organization to make sure the event adheres to the laws and College policies, participants in the event act civilly and the event is registered with the chief administrator responsible for the facility and University Police. Registration forms may be obtained from University Police or the chief administrator in charge of the facility (i.e. Chaney Dining Center/Director of Dining, Miller Campus Center/Director of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership, Residence Halls/Director of Residence Life, Campus Grounds/Director of Facilities, Athletic Fields/Director of Athletics).

9.3 Administrative Responsibility

The chief administrator (C.A.) of a building/facility or program which permits alcohol consumption must establish procedures for their area of responsibility to ensure applicable laws and College regulations are adhered to. It is left to the prerogative of the C.A. to determine if alcohol usage will be permitted in their facility on a case-by-case basis. It is also the C.A.’s responsibility to make the organization or group aware of any special rules or issues concerning their area of responsibility when they register the event with the C.A.

9.4 Legal Responsibilities

Students and employees are responsible for knowing local, state and federal laws that apply to individual possession, consumption, and distribution of alcohol. In keeping with the SUNY Canton philosophy, the primary control for responsible alcohol use lies with the individual consumer. The College will comply with governmental regulations such as the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989.

9.5 Sanction for Violations

When there is a failure to comply, the College may impose sanctions on individuals who have violated the policy and/or applicable laws. There is a need to send a strong message that illegal use of alcohol will not be tolerated. Education and various alcohol abuse interventions may be an integral part of the sanction. The College will not tolerate conduct which disrupts the educational mission or campus life. Employees who violate the law or campus regulations will be referred to their direct supervisor while students will be referred to Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students or designee.

9.6 On-Campus Advertising

All on-campus advertising that promotes events where alcohol will be consumed must obtain consent and approval stamp of the Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership office prior to display. Promotional materials need to promote the main activity, not the consumption of alcohol. Promotional materials advertising explicit use of alcohol that are not activity-oriented will not be approved.

9.7 Alcohol Awareness Programs

Educational programs that stress positive attitudes and behavior and emphasize the dangers of alcohol consumption are equally important. SUNY Canton is committed to fostering an environment that will offer alternative academic and social settings to eliminate alcohol abuse. The College recognizes that the abuse of alcohol is a very serious problem which is detrimental to the individual student, to the educational process and the learning environment. The College encourages students to attend educational awareness programs which address the issues concerning alcohol consumption.

9.8 Alcohol-Free Events

Encouraging and providing alcohol-free events and activities are an integral part of our healthy campus environment. Students are encouraged to participate in order to learn healthy ways to socialize that do not involve alcohol and other drugs.

9.9 Counseling

The Counseling Center consists of professional counselors who will provide personal counseling support, assessment and referrals for students regarding alcohol-related issues. The Counseling Center also trains peer educators who assist in delivering alcohol awareness/educational programs on campus. The Counseling Center will maintain an extensive resource library of books, pamphlets, videos and tapes.

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