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10.0 Automobiles/Parking

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10.1 Registration

No student, employee or member of any organization utilizing space on the campus shall operate or park a motor vehicle of any kind or description on premises or property under the control of the College unless such motor vehicle is properly registered with the University Police Department.

Such registration shall be conditioned upon the registrant’s payment of a motor vehicle registration fee and any applicable parking fee, as approved by the Chancellor or designee.

Upon payment of a motor vehicle registration fee and any applicable parking fee at the One Hop Shop located in the Miller Campus Center, a permit shall be issued by University Police Department, which must be affixed to the vehicle in accordance with instructions provided. Where such registered vehicle is sold or transferred or where the owner is no longer enrolled or in the employ of the institution, or in the event of the revocation of the registration, such permit  must be removed and returned.

All honorably discharged veterans will be exempt from the parking and registration fee. These students must present Form DD214 to the Veterans Coordinator to verify that they have been honorably discharged. Students still need to register their motor vehicles and will be issued a parking permit by the University Police Department.

A detailed set of regulations with respect to operation of and parking of automobiles on campus may be obtained from the University Police Department.

10.2 Enforcement

The penalty for violation of these regulations is a $15.00 fine for each infraction and a $50.00 fine for violation of a handicapped space. Upon a finding that five campus parking violations have been incurred during an academic year, the campus motor vehicle registration may be revoked with a loss of parking privileges for the balance of the academic year and may result in the vehicle being towed from the campus at the violator’s expense.

Temporary parking permits are issued at the University Police Department.

10.3 Accessible Parking

There are handicap parking spaces available. They are clearly marked and are only for the use of individuals who have received special identification parking permits.

To obtain a handicap permit:

  1. A severely disabled person may apply for a handicap permit through an issuing agent. The issuing agent shall issue permits only to residents of the city, town or village in which such issuing agent is located. (You should apply for the handicap permit in the city, town or village where you reside).
  2. A temporary special vehicle identification parking permit will be issued by the University Police Department to a person who is temporarily unable to ambulate without the aid of an assisting device. To obtain this special permit you must:
    1. Complete an application for a special permit (from the University Police Department).
    2. Provide certified proof from a physician that a need exists, a description of the disability, the length of time the special permit will be needed and the type of assisting device you will be using for the disability.

The temporary special vehicle permit shall be valid for not more than six months.

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