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General Information

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Adjustment to Rooms

The college considers living in a residence hall an integral component of the total college experience. It is an opportunity for residents to encounter individuals with different ideas, backgrounds, and upbringings from different races, religions, and cultures. The Residence Life staff knows roommates often confront difficulties adapting to one another. We believe this is natural. The maturation process is greatly aided by striving to overcome obstacles to understanding, communication, and cooperation. Residents can learn much about themselves and others. Therefore, the Residence Life staff is committed to assisting residents to solve their own problems with roommates and adjusting to residence hall life through open discussion, development of coping skills, negotiation, and compromise in order to live in harmony with one another and develop a greater appreciation for the differences in one another.


The elevator in the East Wing of Heritage, Rushton, Mohawk and Smith Halls is to be used by Residence Life staff and maintenance staff only.  Any students using this elevator without the Residence Hall Director’s permission will be subject to disciplinary action. The elevators in Kennedy Hall are for student use.

Mandatory Housing Policy

Every student in full-time attendance at SUNY Canton, other than married students, single parents, students residing with parent or guardian, students 21 years of age or older,  students taking only online classes who will be living 60+ miles from Canton and will not be participating in in-person campus activities, including athletics and Greek life, and students living in College-approved Greek housing, are required to live on campus, or be released from that requirement by the Director of Residence Life. Any student who is officially enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program and is in their junior or senior year with 60+ earned credit hours can be released. Due to the higher tuition rates paid by out-of-state and international students, release requests not meeting the above criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis for these students. All other cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, and a judgment will be made by the Director of Residence Life as to whether the severity of the hardship warrants a release. In addition, all students who live on campus in College housing must contract one of the available meal plans with College Association.

Housing License Releases

Your housing license is a one-year agreement. Students seeking a release from their housing license must contact the Director of Residence Life. Any student wishing to be released (after having signed a housing license) must apply in the Residence Life Office. If the request is approved, the student will be charged $250.00 for breaking the housing license.

All students living off campus are required to notify the College of their off-campus addresses and phone numbers by September 15 of the Fall semester or February 15 of the Spring semester or immediately thereafter following any moves.  Failure to abide by this regulation will result in holds being placed on a student’s account, and the holds will not be removed until the student is in compliance.  Addresses should be provided to the Residence Life Office at the time a housing release request is submitted or provided to the Registrar’s Office if the address change takes place after the release request has been submitted.

Inclusive Housing

SUNY Canton is proud to offer non-gendered inclusive housing.  Kennedy Hall is open to all genders and features 303+ beds of suite-style housing.  We are also happy to work with students living in the other residence halls to accommodate special requests related to gender identity and/or sexual orientation.  If you would like more information or would like to discuss your living space, just give us a call at 315-386-7513.

Laundry Facilities

Each wing has an ample number of washers and dryers for your convenience. The operation of these facilities incurs a responsibility on your part to be mindful of their correct usage, particularly as it relates to fire safety and proper use of equipment. Students are responsible for supplying their own laundry soap and bleach. Also, it is highly recommended for residents to stay with their laundry while washing and drying to prevent theft.


Residential students receive their mail Monday-Friday at the student mailroom located on the first floor of the Miller Campus Center. You will be assigned a mailbox and your key will be issued to you in a welcome packet when you arrive on campus at check-in. You are not permitted to get your mail from the window; you must have your key with you. When you receive a package, you are notified by email that it is available to pick up. The package may be claimed any time the window is open. When receiving your mail, your address should read:

Your Name
Campus Mailroom
34 Cornell Dr.
Canton, New York 13617

If you lose your mail key, go to the Campus Center Mailroom to obtain a new key. There is $15 replacement charge.

Main Lounge

This main lounge is open at all times to guests, faculty members and students of the College unless otherwise specified by the Residence Hall Director.

The main lounge is the living room of the hall. Remember to treat the furnishings as you would those in your own home and keep them looking new for those who will use them in future years. Moving lounge furniture into student rooms is prohibited. Noise in the lounge should always be kept at a reasonable level.

Materials Available at Hall Office

Each hall office has athletic equipment  and various other items available for resident sign-out. The office staff is responsible for signing out this equipment and the resident borrowing this equipment must leave their ID until this equipment is returned, taking full responsibility for returning the equipment in proper condition.

Vacation Dates and Closing Reminders

Whenever the residence halls close for a vacation, it is important to remember to do the following things in your room:

  1. Unplug all electrical items: computer, hair dryer, speakers, refrigerator, etc.
  2. Close and lock the windows and close the blinds.
  3. Empty all trash! Do not leave empty cans and bottles in your room, as they attract bugs. You will be charged $20 per bag for any trash left in your room.
  4. Clean out all items in your refrigerator and leave its door open.
  5. The last person to leave should shut off all lights.
  6. On the first vacation in the fall, you should plan on taking your bicycle home. There is no storage space.
  7. At closing for the year, you are expected to fully clean your room of all personal belongings and leave the room in broom-swept condition.

The Residence Life Staff will verify by physical inspection that this policy has been followed. All residents must vacate at or by the closing times listed below. Any student staying beyond the closing time or arriving before reopening will be charged a fee of $50. Students staying multiple days will be charged $50 for each additional day.

Closing dates and times for the residence halls can be found on the Academic Calendar. Individuals not participating in graduation ceremonies are to vacate 24 hours after last exam.

Vending Machines

The residence halls have a variety of vending machines for the use of the residents. The staff should be notified if a machine is not working or if money has been lost. Tampering with these machines is a serious offense and will be referred to civil authorities for legal prosecution. Refunds can be obtained at the Campus Store.

Wing Lounges

The noise in this lounge must be kept to a minimum since many will use this area for studying. You are responsible for cleaning up anything (papers, candy wrappers, clothes, etc.) that you leave in the lounge. Students in the wing are responsible for the actions of their guests.

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