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Residence Life Staff

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Residence Hall Director

Residence Hall Directors are staff members educated in counseling and/or student services. They focus on ways to help students adjust to college and teach life skills. Specifically, the Residence Hall Director is responsible for the overall operation of the hall; the advisement of educational, social, academic, and cultural programs undertaken by the hall; the discipline and redirection of students’ inappropriate behavior; the supervision of student staff and the individual counseling of students. Residence Hall Directors have a private office adjacent to the general office so they is available for your personal and academic concerns. The Residence Hall Director lives in the residence hall with the students so that after working hours they can be available for emergencies.

Office Hours

All Directors have posted office hours Monday through Friday. If these hours are inconvenient for you, your Director can arrange a time that is suitable for you both.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are carefully selected each year on the basis of their sensitivity to others’ needs, their abilities to handle various forms of emergencies - health, safety or emotional - their academic records and their potential to develop and present innovative and interesting programs to the hall community. Their training has taught them to deal with all types of behavior and to aid in the readjustment of behavior of students experiencing anxiety and frustration.

There are so many requirements involved in becoming a Resident Assistant because students have many adjustments to make. Your R.A. won’t be able to solve all your problems, but you’ll always have someone to go to for help. Remember, your R.A. is a student, too, and had to make all the adjustments you’re making. A Resident Assistant is a valuable resource.

Residence Life Office
Mohawk Hall
Phone: 315-386-7513
Fax: 315-386-7969
e-mail: reslife@canton.edu 


RA Office - 7977
RD Office - 7965

RA Office - 7305
RD Office - 7399

RA Office - 7508
RD Office - 7403

RA Office - 7215
RD Office - 7511

RA Office - 7619
RD Office - 7672

Resident Assistant Recruitment and Selection

The beginning of the school year brings the search for future Resident Assistants. Interested individuals are encouraged to talk with their Resident Assistant or Residence Hall Director about upcoming openings.

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