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A fully online student can register for courses designated as FLEX or Merged [coded 0F# and 0M#].

See the definition below and consider registering for a FLEX class. Students can attend FLEX courses face-to-face or virtually or remain as a fully online student with no on campus attendance requirement.

Flex (converged modality) courses combine online and face-to-face instruction simultaneously into one single classroom. Students are able to participate in class in different ways: as a synchronous distance learner (via real-time, video-streaming); as an asynchronous distance learner (accessing materials, recorded lectures, and responding at a later time); as a face-to-face learner (physically present in the classroom); or as a flexible learner (with a degree of choice as to how they participate each week; sometimes face-to-face, sometimes by streaming class sessions, etc.). It is up to the instructor to clarify policy expectations at the start of class.

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