Student Activities

There are a wide variety of events, clubs and organizations that online students can be involved in, such as:

RooLife LogoRoo Life

Roo Life is SUNY Canton’s online student engagement tool. Here you can find out about upcoming events and participate in online clubs and organizations.

Campus Event Video Collection

Miss an event or want to relive a moment? SUNY Canton brings you live presentations and archived content, so you can view material when it’s convenient for you.

SGAStudent Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is the governance voice of the students and provides a means of cooperation and unity among the students, faculty and administration.

The SGA is divided into three branches, the executive, legislative and judicial. The executive power is vested in a president, vice president, director of budget, secretary and CAB president. The Senate, the legislative branch, is made up of student representatives from each club/organization or appointed by the SGA president. The Judicial Board is responsible for interpreting the constitution and for hearing cases in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Online students have a representative that sits on the SGA Board, please reach out to them at to share your experience, concerns, and have your voice heard.