Fitness Complex Regulations

Shoes & Gear: Only members with clean dry shoes will be allowed to use the fitness complex, Dana Hall and field house.  Please bring a change of shoes with you to prevent any conflict. Shoes worn on the main court must be non-marking soles. Bags and excess outerwear should be kept behind the front desk located in the fitness center. Open toe shoes are not permitted in the fitness center.Roos House logo

Lockers: Daily use lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis.  You must provide your own lock.  Locks must be removed each day.  Daily use locks left on lockers will be CUT OFF and contents discarded. You will not be refunded for the lock. Management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  You may rent a locker for one year for $60.00 if you have purchased a year membership. 
Parking: Parking for members is in lot 25 and lot 23, please reference the campus map for the location of these lots. A parking pass is not needed for Lots 25 and 23. Valid Parking passes must be used in Lot 4. Parking in a non-specified space will be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense.

Tennis Courts: Members wishing to use the tennis courts may do so on a first come first served basis. Please limit use to 2 hours when playing. Staff will be available to set up and take down tennis nets. Please use their assistance if you are unfamiliar with this procedure. Valid membership card required.

Children: Children 13 and under must have parental supervision while in the fitness complex and are not permitted to horseplay to include running and yelling. Children and adults are not permitted to climb or jump on mats or play in the sand pits.

Fitness Classes: Classes are offered to all fitness complex members and community on a first come first serve basis.

Pool: Open to members. Members must shower before entering pool. Lifeguard must be present for use of pool. Hours vary - please call 386-7989 for current hours. Birthday Parties available with prior arrangements. Call Pat Harrington @ 386-7051 for more details. NO HORSEPLAY, NO DIVING, NO JUMPING OFF DECK.  CAUTION: DECK FLOORING IS SLIPPERY. PLEASE TAKE PROPER PRECAUTION.

Field House: Open to Members. Clean/dry shoes only. Please no street shoes, no glass bottles and no spitting on ground. Please do not rollerblade on the track.

Signs: To ease the use of the trace for walkers and runners, please be sure to follow the lane/direction assignment for walkers and runners which is located on the track. Please follow this regardless of how many people are on the track.

Athletic Fields: Not available for recreational use without prior approval. Please do not walk dogs on playing fields.

ID Card: If an ID card is lost, stolen or damaged, a $20.00 replacement fee will apply to replace your card. This fee is paid to College Association to cover replacement costs.

Call Fitness Center @ 386-7989 with questions or concerns