SUNY Canton Online

Getting Involved

Student engagement with the campus, the course, the instructor and your peers is a predictor of your success. Get out there and get engaged face to face and online!

Getting Involved with the Course

  • You will be given a syllabus in every course you enroll in. You should save a copy of this syllabus and review it on the very first day of class. Look at the course requirements and the course schedule to plan your participation in course events throughout the semester.

Getting Involved with the Campus

  • Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership helps to coordinate clubs, organizations, and events on campus. Visit the Student Activities web page to see our clubs, calendar of events, or meet the staff!

Getting Involved with the Instructor

  • It is important for you to establish a channel of communication with your instructor as early as possible. Contact information and preferences will be clearly listed in the course syllabus. Some instructors may prefer an office visit, a phone call, an email, or a video chat. Reach out early in the semester to introduce yourself and build that valuable line of communication.

Getting Involved with Fellow Students

  • Interacting with your peers can make your course feel live and engaging. Whether you take a face-to-face course or online, this can be the most significant thing you can do to make your course more enjoyable. Reach out to your peers in person, via email, through online discussion forums, or through course messages.